Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Public Displays of Crafting

I took my son to his Leaping Lizards class today.  This is an hour of play based activity which helps to improve fine and gross motor skills.  The girls who run it, Sandy & Helen are amazing in how they teach, what they teach and their ability to remember everybody's names!

For me its an opportunity to zone out for an hour.  Today I took my crochet hook and yarn so I could keep going with my Afghan rug squares.  It was a new group today. I didn't know anyone so once James was settled I took out my stuff and started.  It was really awkward to begin with.  Not sure how it would be received and was feeling a bit self conscious about it all.  Anyway, as the moments went by I started really enjoying what I was doing and where I was - I could listen to the hubbub of the room without necessarily feeling out of it and not feeling obliged to join in any of the conversations.  I completed about 3 squares in the time I was there (with the occasional look through the window to check that James was behaving).
Right at the end, a girl came up and said "Not sure if you overheard our conversation, but my daughter wants me to make her a crochet rug and I don't know how to crochet."  We introduced ourselves and I said I would bring in some extra hooks and yarn next week and I would teach her the basics (all I know) in the hour we had at Leaping Lizards.  Rapt.  I discovered that PDC's (public displays of crafting) can be contagious!

So get out of the closet!  If you catch public transport, are waiting for an appointment or taking your small ones to activities get out your latest project and get into it.  Who knows we could have an epidemic on our hands!

x Miss G

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