Monday, February 7, 2011

Project – Built by Wendy dress

Hi all! I thought I would make a little test post so you can see how we could be using this blog.

I made this dress in late 2009, mainly because I was dying to start a project while I was sick at home and going out of my mind with boredom (I like to keep busy).

I found the pattern on the Built by Wendy site (Style#BBY-3835 - Misses top and dress pattern). I like to buy patterns that have more than one style that I can make. Although once you cut the pattern it can be hard to make the other styles because they often require a different cut.  There are lots of really cute (and pretty cheap) patterns on Built by Wendy. I actually bought it even cheaper on ebay!

I got the fabric from Salvos in Victoria St, Richmond. I was suffering from an obsession with checks/plaid and clearly this obsession caused me to overlook the fact that this is clearly school uniform fabric!!

I was not particularly skilled at sewing at that stage, and this was quite a stretch for me. I like trying things that are a bit beyond my skills with cheap fabrics so then I don’t regret it so much afterwards when it turns out really badly! You have to learn somehow, right?

I never use that nasty lining stuff in the collar like they tell you to. It always seems to look good still so I am sticking with that method! The hardest part of this dress was getting the neckline and zip/buttons at the back to work well. I think I ended up going for a size up from what they recommended because I like things to fit loosely. It fits very nicely – sometimes when you do that it ruins the shape, but not this time.

I will definitely make another one of these (in a non-school uniform fabric). I love the style and it’s very comfy. Yay!

In future I will take photos of the process and share them too!



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